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These are some of the recently published books by Ouyang Yu. Please make your order and specify if you need an autograph.

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Our Book Collection

Small Says: Words, Stories and Mini-meditations (2021)

Spring Waters: Li Yu, the Emperor of Poetry (2021)

West of the River (2021)

简单 (2022)




The Lost Craft




The Wind Was Rising


BIAS: Offensively Chinese/Australian


The Kingsbury Tales: A Complete Collection



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September 20, 2023

《干货》(第三卷)[Dry Stuff, No. 3], out now

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July 12, 2023

Bias, Beyond and Bastard

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July 3, 2023

All the Rivers Run South, my seventh novel, out shortly, with Puncher & Wattmann

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Ouyang Yu's books go out of print pretty quickly. Some already unavailable, such as THE EASTERN SLOPE CHRONICLE (2004), MOON OVER MELBOURNE AND OTHER POEMS (1995), and SONGS OF THE LAST CHINESE POET (1997).

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